About Us

Ti-Browser is a new way to create UI prototypes/demos/POC's and pre-view them in real time on an actual mobile device,such as an iPhone, iPad, with 100% native UI components.

After working in the mobile industry for a few years, we saw a gap in the area of Mobile UI demos. The tools available usually rendered out to an HTML5 'look-alike' which isn't exactly what a mobile app will look like. We wanted to create a platform that would allow developing of a high-fidelity, 100% native mobile UI with the ease of setting up an HTML5 web page.

By using Ti-Browser, you can create hyper-realistic demos that can help during sales pitches or during the initial wire-framing stages of developing an app. Once these designs are complete, you'll have a 100% realistic UI Demo using Native components for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer to achieve the same goal.

Feel free to send questions, comments, concerns about Ti-Browser to us at the below email address. Support issues can be logged by sending an email to support@tibrowser.zendesk.com. You can always give us a call at the below phone number as well.