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Safe and secure

Your team’s data is safe and secure behind our first-class security measures. Always.

Always available

Any device. Anywhere. Whether you're at home, the office, or in between.

Value for money

Wunderlist provides you with the features you need to work smarter at an affordable price.

Teamwork simplified

Spend more time collaborating as a team. Less time learning. Instructions not required.

Total data protection

Several layers of security. Constantly monitored. We’ve got your back around the clock.
Peace of mind included!

Storage & transfer

Your data is securely fortified behind a layered wall of protection through Amazon Web Services in Europe. And all transfers are broadcast through industry-proven HTTPS.


Always secure. We use the best encryption technologies to ensure your passwords are safe and secure in all ways.

Cutting edge

Constant updates with regular upgrades. Our backend team is always working to maximize our layers of security using the latest technologies available today.


Confidentiality has priority! All collection and management of your data is always in accordance with the German and international data protection legislation. View full Privacy Policy.

Work from anywhere

Wunderlist automatically saves all your data to the cloud making it easy for you and your team to collaborate, no matter where they are or what device they're using. With cross-platform support for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web, feel free to bring your own device.

Cross platform synchronization on Google Nexus, Macbook Pro and iPad Download on all your devices

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Collaboration at any scale

Learn how Wunderlist can increase the productivity of your business, no matter the size or activities.

Wunderlist for freelancers

As a freelancer, you have to constantly keep up the momentum of completing work while obtaining new projects the same time. You also have to keep track of expenses, invoices, project ideas, and client communication. It’s no surprise that it often feels like there’s not enough hours in a day. Read more

Wunderlist for your shop

Running a boutique takes a lot of dedication! There’s a million to-dos to track, manage and delegate. To start you have to order inventory, manage the accounting, create the staff rosters and set-up the window displays. You are always on the run and, well, carrying around paper reminders is not exactly convenient. Let Wunderlist for business change the way you manage your shop. Read more

Wunderlist for your startup

If you work at a startup, you might be the only person in your “department.” Your potential is limitless, then again, so are your to-do lists. You have lots of big ideas but let’s face it, it’s the actual implementation that counts. Collaborate with your team and grow your business with Wunderlist. Read more

Wunderlist for your enterprise

Launching new initiatives and expanding into markets abroad requires clear communication between various teams across different continents and time zones. It can be overwhelming and downright stressful. There’s so much to coordinate that it can even be hard to know where to start and more importantly, who is responsible. See how Wunderlist for business can change the way your teams work together. Read more

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