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Using a 100% native UI prototype can mean the difference between a mobile project finishing on time or not. Too many times a crude UI is approved only to be changed time and time again when stakeholders see what it 'really' looks like. Changes take time and push out deadlines.


Once you've created a free Portal Account and begin using our XML Editor, it's easy to work interactively. You can almost change your UI as fast as you can imagine the changes. Context sensitive 'intelli-hint' helps you work even faster.

Pro feature - Attaching files to a task on a black iPad Retina


Using our free Preview App, you can see what your changes look like on an actual device quickly. No SDK's or complex procedures to view updates. Just put in your Gallery Code and see what your changes look like in seconds.

Pro feature - Attaching files to a task on a black iPad Retina


Once your design is ready, your team-mates can use the Preview App as well to see your designs. As changes are requested, you can easily make them and everyone can preview them in seconds without re-installing or updating.

Pro feature - Comments regarding files and tasks on a iPhone 5s and Google Nexus

Close the deal

When you're presenting a mobile pitch, nothing beats a great UI demo to help turn a prospect into a client. When a potential client sees the quality of your UI's, their only question will be..."When can you start?"