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Accomplish more with Ti-Browser

Ti-Browser helps you create high-fidelity UI's in record time with no SDK's to install. Using XML, you can design a UI and preview it on an actual device (iOS6/iOS7) in minutes. Ti-Browser is the only UI design/preview tool that let's you preview screens using 100% native components on an actual device with no SDK's to setup.

Develop your designs

Using our Cloud-based XML Editor, you can build your design and preview it on an actual device in seconds with our free App from the App Store.

Test your designs

You can test your designs with actual native interactions and page transitions. Stakeholders will know exactly what the final app will look like. No web-based previews, just actual native components. That means that even in a UI design, a map component will zoom in or out, pan around just like an actual app. That's because Ti-Browser uses the same native Map control that an app will use!

Get your designs approved

Using our Portal tools, you can build your UI, allow others to review it remotely, and get your designs approved by internal and external

Startup your UI demo

Ti-Browser is the best friend of anyone starting their own business in mobility. When you're looking for investors or partners, nothing beats a great UI demo to get their attention. If you are a startup and you need help getting a fantasic UI demo done quickly, contact us at

Device first

One of the biggest challenges with mobile development is making sure that apps run smoothly on an actual device. Ti-Browser helps alleviate those issues by running on a device at the design stage. If your design has some impact on the performance of the app, you'll know about it immediately.

NO SDK's required

To get anything running with a native UI, you usually have to install and configure large and complicated SDK's. No more with Ti-Browser. Using our pre-compiled Preview App, you simply install the App, put in your Gallery code and preview your 100% Native UI in seconds.

Barcode Functionality

One of the most useful things a mobile app can do to accelerate data entry is to read barcodes. Ti-Browser makes it easy to demonstrate that functionality as well. With a working barcode scananer built-in, it can demonstrate the value of using barcode scanning in apps with a single line of XML.

Show me the samples

Nothing beats samples to help you get things 'up and running'. Our Ti-Browser Portal has samples that you can copy to your working area and preview instantly. This lets you use samples to see how things are done, or use one to jump start your own UI design. Check out our Getting Started Videos to see how easy it is to get started.

BTW - all screen images on this site are NOT simulated...they are all live screen shots