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More Portal space, re-direct to any server URL, FTP access to your files and share with 5 users

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Advanced Features

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Features Ti-Browser Free$0 Ti-Browser Plus$14.95/mo Ti-Browser Pro $19.95/mo
Portal XML Editor Manage all your cloud based files with ease.
Maintain up to 5 files Edit up to 5 files to see how Ti-Browser Works
XML Editor Intelli-hint Get automatic syntax suggestions, context sensitive
Code Samples Install Samples into your working area to get started fast
Redirect to Any Server Redirect to your own server for customized functionality
New Features Suggest and vote on new features for Ti-Browser updates
FTP Access Access your Portal files using your favorite FTP app
Dropbox Sync Sync your Portal files with Dropbox for backup and ability to revert to previous versions.
Auto-Backup Every time you save a file, a backup is created so that you can view previous versions of the file you are working on.
Collaborate Allow multiple users to view your Gallery creations
2 view-only users 5 view-only users 10 view-only users
Support Options (additional cost to Portal fees) Support Free$0 Support Plus+$99/yr Support Pro +$599/mo or +$5000/yr
Community Boards Collaborate with other Ti-Browser users via community bulletin boards
Private Boards Bulletin Boards moderated by Ti-Browser staff
Direct Email Support Named Support Staff with 8 hour response time SLA (8 tickets per mo)
Incident Based Support Gives you the ability to pay for support incidents as you need them
All plans are eligible for per-incident based support at $200/ticket. The Pro support plan includes 4 tickets a month. Unused Pro tickets roll over to next month for up to 3 months.
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* Users count as current for 4 hours after their last activity in a Gallery.

Help for Every Business

There are times when you have a project that needs to get a jump start or needs that extra bit of help. Our Professional Services team is available to help get your mobile project up and running fast. Remote and On-Site models are available to fit your project and budget needs.