Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support for a particular issues I'm having?

At any time you can send an email to to request support for any kind of issue that you might be having.

How does all this work?

Ti-Browser is a new way to create UI prototypes/demos/POC's and pre-view them in real time on an actual mobile device,such as an iPhone, iPad, etc.

What's the 'Native Difference'?

When you use Ti-Browser to build your UI demos, they are rendered on an actual device with actual native controls. This means that a UI demo with a Map in it, will use the native Map Component and not just a mockup. All other UI prototyping tools use screenshots or web based images. By using all native components, your presentation will look exactly like the end-state app will, but with no programming required. BTW, every image on this website was a screen site from Ti-Browser, so you can see the native difference firsthand.

How can I see all of this in action?

We've put together a series of how-to videos that is a great way to see how all this works.

Overview Video

How to create a Portal Login

Hello World

Hello World Events

Install Animate Demo

Animate Demo Dissected

Do I need to download SDK's or compile anything?

No, that's one of the cool things about Ti-Browser. You simply create a free account on the Portal, download and install the free app from the App Store, and preview your designs right on your device.

What makes Ti-Browser so special?

Ti-Browser is the only UI prototyping tool that allows you to view UI mockups using 100% native elements. Ti-Browser also sets itself apart from the rest by doing this, but still allowing you to get real-time dynamic updates as they happen. This means that you don't have to install an update, or re-compile anything. Simply backup a screen, re-load the screen you were on and you see any changes made instantly!

Do I need to know how to program?

Nope. You simply need to use our portal to write your XML to represent the UI that you need. We also have some starter projects that you can install into your workspace to help get you started even faster.

Sounds expensive, how much does this cost?

You can try it all out for FREE. There are paid options for higher levels of support and Professional Services for more advanced projects.

Could this be used for Sales Pitches?

That's actually a great use for Ti-Browser. When the competition is bringing in static wireframes, you can bring in a fully functional mockup. Due to the ease of use of Ti-Browser and the Portal, you don't have to invest a lot of time or money to get a prototype ready for a Sales Pitch.

Does this support Android?

Since the Preview App was built with Appcelerator's Titanium, there will be an Android version available shortly.

Can you build actual Apps with this?

This is a UI prototyping tool, so you can't make apps with their own icon, splash screens, etc. The nice thing about Ti-Browser is that the XML you'll generate is almost 100% compatible with Titanium Alloy. If you build your app with Titanium, and are using Alloy, your mobile project can get a jump start by using the XML created for the UI prototypes.

What is the portal feature 'Redirect to Any Server' used for?

This is used to allow you to redirect your Ti-Browser clients to any server available on the Internet. This allows you to implement advanced functionality that might not be available using the Portal. As long as the server that you're redirecting to emits the XML that Ti-Brower clients are expecting, this is a great way to build hyper-realistic UI designs. The Portal is a great way to come up with some XML that does what you want it to with the Ti-Browser client. Then you just have to configure your own server to send the same XML and you're in business.